Keeping a close eye on consumers’ demands and desires, the new Le Praline Dolce Vita range was born.Four

milk and dark chocolate pralines

, made with a selection of special cocoa beans mainly from South America (Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Peru) and also from Africa (Togo, Sao Tomé and Uganda). These are all countries where Vanini has established direct relationships with farmers and cooperatives, ensuring an excellent cocoa and chocolate to consumers and better living conditions to local people.


Eco friendly
Total control of the production chain
The total control
of the production chain
No palm oil
palm oil
A key strength of Vanini is the research into excellent ingredients for use in all the recipes. Once again Vanini created a new range of

chocolates without palm oil

, but made with high quality vegetable fats and carefully selected inclusions: high quality hazelnuts, Arabica coffee, organic coconut and crispy rice (gluten free).

Consistent with its premium brand positioning, Vanini now offers a timeless appeal assortment to its target audience, respecting the environment and offering elegant packaging certified FSC.


The new Vanini pralines respect both the environment and the health of the consumer. The high quality of the ingredients, the total control of the production chain and the choice of eco-friendly packaging, are further benefits of the Vanini Signature Gourmet Pralines range.

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