One year after its first sustainability report, ICAM communicates the results achieved and sets its new ambitious objectives for the years to come

Orsenigo, July, 23rd 2020 – One year after its first sustainability report, ICAM announces the results achieved in 2019 and sets its new and challenging goals.

Always keeping an eye on the three fundamentals that guided the drafting of first edition of the sustainability report – responsibility for the supply chain, for the community and for the planet – ICAM announces that has reached satisfying result in each area this year. From reducing water consumption by 15% to increasing, up to 92% of the total, the percentage of recyclable material used for chocolate bar packaging.

For more than 70 years, ICAM has followed a distinctive production approach, able to interpret the philosophy that for generations has animated the family business: producing sustainable, high-quality chocolate by making themselves interpreters of the authentic chocolate culture Made in Italy

With a range of product which is distinguished in three main categories (factory, private label and its own brand), ICAM is today a well-established business in Italian and foreign market that weights on a 58% of the 2019 revenues. (Total Revenues 2019: 163.5 Mil. €) 

Thanks to the control of the production process, from the plantation to the final product and with a production site (in Orsenigo, Como) equipped with the most modern 4.0 technologies, ICAM has always distinguished itself for a highly diversified offer and for its virtuous approach to business. Two elements that together allow the company to satisfy the wide range of needs of its customers with top quality products and the certainty of maximum food safety, guaranteed by the complete traceability of the raw materials used.

The ICAM Sustainability Report, written by the Fieldfisher Associate Firm, is a tool that integrates the company's strong propensity towards an honorable and sustainable modus operandi, through which ever new and challenging rules and objectives are established to operate in full compliance with all those subjects involved in the production process, with society and the entire planet.

“The centrality of people and the sense of responsibility towards all stakeholders have always been the pillars that have guided and inspired our choices, since the birth of this historic family business, says Angelo Agostoni President of ICAM Cioccolato. The training activities with the farmers of "our" cooperatives, the guarantee of annual purchase contracts and the search for cocoa and other quality raw materials that respect our values, allow growers to expand independently and offer to small businesses the tools they need to grow and become the architects of their own well-being. A virtuous business model that not only makes us proud of what has been done so far, but set us apart by allowing us to receive appreciation from customers and consumers who have been choosing our products for over 70 and share our approach with us. "