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gift box 120g

The 15g mini format is ideal for sampling the varieties of Vanini for a journey through the flavour of Bagua dark cocoa.

Captivating aromas, extraordinary flavours and innovative recipes means exciting tastes and a journey through Mediterranean aromas, fresh fruit flavours and spicy notes.

8 bars are arranged on a heat-sealed tray pack, in a box with a window that shows the rich variety of triumph of colours and ingredients that the range offers.
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91% Cocoa Dark
Cocoa Dark
86% Cocoa Dark
Cocoa Dark
74% Cocoa Dark with cocoa nibs
Cocoa Dark
with cocoa nibs
70% Cocoa Dark
Cocoa Dark
62% Cocoa Dark with mango and passion fruit
Cocoa Dark
with mango and passion fruit
62% Cocoa Dark with ginger
Cocoa Dark
with ginger
62% Cocoa Dark with amaretto taste biscuit
Cocoa Dark
with amaretto taste biscuit
62% Cocoa Dark with pear and cinnamon
Cocoa Dark
with pear and cinnamon