Vanini embodies

Italian premium chocolate, produced with signature cocoa beans

which are grown in carefully selected plantations. Since 1946 Vanini chocolate has embodied the eternal passion of the Agostoni-Vanini family, virtuosos of a genuine Italian-crafted chocolate culture.

Equity and transparency – Vanini Sustainability

From the beginning, ICAM has been involved in researching the finest cocoa plantations: it has established solid, long-term relationship with co-operatives, farmers and local communities. These important relationships are based on a specific ethical code that establishes values designed to guide everyday operations: respect, sustainability, transparency, a fair deal for all and a developing partnership with all operators in the production chain.

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From selecting the ingredients to ongoing research into cutting-edge technology

Vanini takes an active role at every stage of the process, extending

from the choice of cocoa bean to the excellence of the finished chocolate

. Ethical partnerships with farmers in the territories of origin, combined with direct control of every stage in the production chain, make Vanini products truly special.

The same care and attention paid to cocoa procurement is also applied to the selection of the other ingredients used to produce a range of unique and innovative recipes.

70 years of Excellence and Innovation – Technology and Production

In the new production plant in Orsenigo, Italy the entire cocoa processing cycle is meticulously supervised in accordance with decades of experience, and continuously monitored with the help of modern technology. Each significant stage in the production process has been designed to ensure that the organoleptic characteristics of the raw materials are preserved, bringing out the aromas and flavours specific to those ingredients.

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The result: a prestigious range of chocolate bars and pralines

Exclusive recipes that offer a unique and unexpected taste experience. For Vanini this is the result of a continuous quality research.

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