"Welcome aboard", Icam factory in Orsenigo named in memory of the founders

On 3 September the ICAM’s factory in Orsenigo was dedicated to the memory of Silvio Agostoni and Carolina Vanini. A formal ceremony was attended by representatives of the two founding families and by company employees. In the presence of 300 guests, Company President Angelo Agostoni recalled a story that has lasted for over 70 years and now projects Icam towards a future full of challenges and opportunities. A commemorative plaque was placed in the same room as the Orlando Sora fresco, an ancient painting of the Agostoni family that has been restored and donated as a sign of family involvement and deep commitment to the company. An exciting day was full of significant moments: the Holy Mass, touching testimony from people who have collaborated with Icam, an emotional movie and a delicious lunch.

ICAM stems from a farsighted idea of the founder, Silvio Agostoni, who perceived the possibility of creating a whole new market for the post-war period, transforming the chocolate from a treat available to only a wealthy elite into a product accessible to all. The company grew because of the constant attention to detail of Carolina Vanini - "Lina"- who after the death of her husband took the reins of the company and continued along the path he had initiated, assisted by the determination of brothers Giancarlo and Urbano Vanini.

After over 70 years, the model designed by Silvio Agostoni continues to operate and generate growth with new ideas that demonstrates ICAM’s commitment to sustainable raw materials, acting in a market that increasingly rewards socially responsible and quality-conscious producers.

The plaque represents a tribute to the company and the founding family values of vision, passion, tenacity and integrity.